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An amazing 3h20 lecture that focuses on creativity !!!

During the 3 hours you will learn 17 new effects, new concepts, and new principles ALL with detailed explanations. Mathieu will explain many of his reputation building tricks along with tricks that he has performed on TV all over the world! These tricks include, but are not limited to, Bich's Perier bottle, Streching, Stars... Some of these effects are being explained for the first time! Mathieu not only provides detailed explanations of methodologies, but he also tells you how and why he created the tricks/principles.

This video is ideal to all magicians seeking tips on creativity and the creative process as well as magicians who are simply looking for new fooling material.The DVD offers a wide range of effects, including, but not limited to; predictions, transformations, productions, mentalism, card magic, and close-up...There is surely something in this DVD for everybody!

Weird, visual, fun, unexpected, AND practical... these are the kinds of great magic ideas that you will learn from Mathieu BICH.

At the end of the lecture there is also an interesting interview/Q&A about creativity. (Interview conducted by Michael Weber)


You will learn : how to Make the selected card jump from the deck (no thread). A very cool, no angle force. A method to make instantly appear a prediction on a piece of paper in a flash of fire. To use a magic pen to find and stick to a card. An amazing transposition of a signed lottery ticket. Made shapes cut into playing cards change into other shapes! A two card transposition where both cards can be seen until the very last moment. How to make the face of a SIGNED ordinary playing card turn BLANK. Writing mysteriously appears on the back of a playing card. A very clever way to produce small objects from aluminum foil. Reveal a chosen card by making a waterfall of cards freeze in the air as you cascade them from one hand to the other. A highly visual sandwich effect. Predict the name of one of your spectator' s friends that they will call live with their own phone. Instantly shrink the box of a deck of cards flat, then make all the cards slowly disappear until you're left with only the four aces. A perfect prediction where the cards matches a message in a bottle. The routine where a stretched hairband is "frozen in time".


Mathieu Bich's lecture DVD

( DVD )

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