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You give a semi transparent plastic card to a spectator. Using the spectator's smartphone, you take a picture of him holding the special card.

Next, the spectator selects a "random" card... Finally, you ask them to look at the photo taken with their phone. Instantly they can see the name of their selected card magically appeared on the plastic card they were holding just moments ago.

As the photo is now stored in their phone, this effects is great for getting tagged on social media !


In fact, having the ability to increase one's presence on social media was a motivator for creating this trick. This effect is both super visual and very modern ! It is without a doubt a trick that ALL magicians should have

- IIts an ideal effect if you perform magic with Smarphones, and it perfect for loud noisy places
-The selected card appears with any Smartphone or camera that takes pictures with flash (No app needed)
- You have now a motivation to take a picture with you VIP spectators ...

Easy to perform - Beginners to Advanced Magicians - Written explanation


2 differents sets are available : Set #1 with ONE plastic card, you can reveal ONE forced card and set #2 with 3 plastic cards, two of them reveal one card (Ace of Clubs and 7 of Hearts) and one is a normal one that reveals nothing!

For those who are getting Set #1, you can indicate which card you would like between Ace of Clubs and Seven of Hearts, if we have them in stock, we will try to give it to you...;-)



(1 or 3 plastic Cards + Written instruction)

Set of

19$ / 29$