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Next is a force, a VERY GOOD FORCE !

The cards are shuffled by the magician , then give one by one on the table. The spectator says STOP when he wants , and the next card you deal IS the forced card !

You can reveal the card using your favorite revelation ( ashes on arm, prediction a paper...etc)


The cards are held in a very open manner, they is apparently no way to cheat because the spectatr can see all around the cards. He really says stop when he wants, you'll be able to force the card !

REALLLY easy to perform - You'll fool magicians with this one - Written explanation

2 versions available : Ordinary Card design or blank Card !

On the blank card version, you can write or draw whatever you want and force it !

Comes with 1 Special card :

Choose between Blank or regular card design (Rider Back or Mandolin , Blue or Red)




(1 card + Written explanation)

Due to the high demand of that gimmckc, this item has about a 10 days delay


24$ / 29$