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Undercover SHAKEN, an effect created and performed by Mathieu Bich for more than 10 years. The trick may be executed Close-up, Parlour or on Stage.

In this effect, you'll invite a spectator to place a deck of cards in a paper bag. Then, they will shake, shuffle, and drop the cards onto table. The cards that land facing up will be removed and the process will be repeated until there are only two or three cards left.

For the last shuffle, the spectator will drop the cards onto table and you'll invite him to choose a card that is facing up. The card they select will be the one you predicted !

Nice trick to have in your bag for an improptu stage act...

New method ! - Easy to perform ! - The chosen card is completely ungimmicked ! A perfect force !

Différents hanlings are precisely explained on the DVD (From beginners to advanced magicians)

* You can use another bag, other than the one that comes with the DVD

Comes complete with all the necessary props needed to perform (Just add your regular deck of cards)

TV rights included for all owners of the DVD


(40 minutes DVD + Bag + Gimmicks)




"Mathieu Bich's SHAKEN combines a diabolical and practical method with an effect that can be adapted to almost any situation. Mathieu has developed an idea worthy of Gaetan Bloom. Bravo"

Michael Weber


"I love that effect & I have a method but once again Mathieu totally fooled me !!! "

Gaetan Bloom























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