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Produce a Signed card from inside a spectator's cellphone... A double effect that will leave the spectator speechless and trying to open their phone...

ISlide allows you to pretend to open the spectator's phone while simultaneously producing any small object from inside.

Imagine the look of surprise as their phone is opened and you produce a ring, a bus ticket, a bill.....the possibilities are endless

iSlide will become one of your classic effects.The effect is even more powerful since these phone don't open... Differents handlings are explained on the DVD, including the Easy handling (no sleight of hand required with the special cloth included). All material to perform this effect is included.

Highly visual & Easy to perform

Both tricks are performed with borowed phones. Tthe gimicks has been selected based on the popularity of the cellphones actually sold ...

iSlide and iShatter are compatible with : Black iPod Touch, iPhone 1, Black iPhone 3G, Black iPhone 3GS , Black iPhone 4, Black 4S , et Black iPHONE 5, (About 300 Millions phones ... )




(DVD + 2 iSlide Gimmicks + Microfibre cloth)