This DVD-Book contains all 10 newsletter tricks + 7 new never published anywhere effects : Visual Sandwich, Rise, Behind the Spade, Bich's Acrobatic Double, Riflewich, Fisher Sandwich, Check Match, Beat it, Flip-Flap, Blue Lévitation, Dribble Sandwich, The Most Expensive Card, Card Thru Deck, Delayed Ambitious, The Little House II, Change 4 Magicians, Gemini on 6...



The first DVD-Book by Mathieu Bich

One DVD (for the demonstrations) - book (for the explanations) will teach you to create 15 tricks (+2 Bonus tricks) easily. You get The advantage of the DVD and the advantages of the book without their drawbacks!

Most tricks will require you to add a little extra something to your deck: a piece of Blu-Tack, a piece of scotch tape, a double back card, or a folded card are just a few example of what will be needed to perform miracles...

Easy to make, and you probably already own most of the material you will need!
A collector version is also available. It is limited to 200 pieces, signed and numbered; they contain all you need, premade and ready to use straight from the box!

Learn new principles and methods throughout these 17 effects, that will allow you to impress laid audience as well as experienced magicians.


The Newsletter DVD - Book

(DVD + Book)