Mathieu Bich is a magician, and has probably always been one… After self teaching magic for a few years, he met Dominique Duvivier who gave him creation lessons for over 8 years. This will transform Mathieu’s vision of magic, as he was mainly focussed on technique; Dominique Duvivier taught him the processes and methods to invent tricks, and to also become a magic creator.

Since then Mathieu has constantly been creating new magic using original concepts and routines generally based on new principles, or unexpected methods.

In 1998 he presented his first lecture which was an instant success. Since then he has presented it more than 50 times all around the world. Mathieu published some of his creations in the biggest magic magazines: Magic (USA), Chanel One (USA), Le Magicien (France), MagicSeen (UK), Magicus (France), Pegasus (Germany), Arcanes (France), Evocation (China)...

In 2003 he won at the world magic championship in Stockholm in Invention category (FISM).

Several TV channels required Mathieu’s services, in France as well as abroad. In 2007 Mathieu collaborated with Nintendo on the interactive magic game "Master of Illusions" and sold one of his tricks to the Japanese firm TENYO. In 2008 he worked as a magic consultant for David Blaine the famous American magician, who performed one of Mathieu’s creations during his show on the ABC channel.

In 2011 he fools Penn & Teller on their TV Show "Fool Us"

Mathieu also worked as a creative consultant for Troy (UK), Dynamo (UK) and YIF (china). The magic sequence he created with YIF in 2014 has been viewed on TV LIVE by more than 800 millions viewers on the CCTV Chinese New Year's Gala 2014.

David Blaine performed more creations from Mathieu in his last TV Show "Real or Magic" (1 & 2).

Since 2007, Mathieu joined forces with 10 other magicians to create an underground group called “Theory 11”…