Don’t hesitate to ask your magic club to get Mathieu Bich to lecture !

+ LECTURE N°1 (created in 1998), customisable from 1 to 2h:

Whatever your age or your level, you will get out of this lecture with new tricks, but also with ideas to invent your own tricks… During the lecture Mathieu will go over theory but also give you systems to help you start creating your own tricks!

This conference presents numerous new effects never shown and explained before!

Explained tricks during the session:
Fickle, FAX writing, MB force, leverage (suspension of belief), Tickets récalcitrants, House & Diamonds, Rubber band transposition, Erazed ( transfer), Lee Asher, ALU, St Sebastian force, frozen, instant sandwich, Marie Antoinette, the buttons, the painter, Thinner, Perrier
+ WORKSHOP on gimmicked cards customisable from 1 to 4h:

“Build the gimmicks and learn the associated tricks: flap cards, double backers, divided faces…”

Learn some of the most secret and “underground” techniques to create your own gimmicked cards. Each one built will be used with one trick and everybody will leave with their own built cards during the workshop

Thanks to this seminar, you will never need to buy expensive gimmicked cards again from your magic shop… You will be able to use your budget to buy DVDs and learn even more tricks!