WatermarK by Mathieu Bich

Cover of Watermark , Bar version by Mathieu Bich, where the shape of a water mark will reveal the selected card

Watermark is a concept on itself where water will form the sape of whaetver the spectator selects... 

This version has been specially created to be performed in restaurants and bars.

Easy to do - Highly visual - 7 of diamonds Template included

Comes with: Specially made template to fit the Coasters, 20 ordinary coasters (more coaster available on Amazon for a cheap price) + Downloadable PDF

Important : To perform this effect you will have to buy a very specific water repelent Spray that is indicated in the PDF

More templates are available  on our Refills and Accessories web page 

Watermark Bar Edition (7 of diamonds Template) - 29$

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